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The Family Freezer Review – Is Freezer Meal Pro Worth It?

This review has been requested by a few people so I purchased the membership and decided to give my honest review. I signed up for to see if it was worth the money. 

If you are short on time I will get right to the point. There are better options out there for freezer meal membership sites. The Family Freezer isn’t a scam. It is a good website and they try very hard but it comes up a little short. You will want to read the next section to see why.

Review Score

This is where I review the categories of each recipe website’s membership. The scores range from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best.

  • Number of Recipes: 7
  • Recipe Taste: 6
  • Recipe Variety: 9
  • Cost: 6
  • Customer Service: 9
  • Ease of use: 6
  • Features: 7

Overall score: 7

This score is okay but there are better options out there. The highest score I have ever rated a site was for FreezerFit. FreezerFit came in with a score of 9. You can read the full Review here and see why I think it is better.

Freezer Meal Pro’s Recipes

Freezer Meal Pro has over 200 recipes. This is low compared to similar sites. This is not very important overall because it is hard to cook that many recipes. People are creatures of habit and stick to the recipes they love. The taste of the recipes that are offered is the most important thing to consider. This is where I prefer other membership sites. The recipes are simply just better tasting with other freezer meal websites.

Is it Easy or Hard to Use?

This category received a 6 out of 10. It’s not very hard to use but it takes some getting used to. It’s not bad if you are tech-savvy and good at learning things on the computer or on your phone. If you are someone who has trouble learning things quickly on the phone or computer then I would suggest looking at another site to join.

The Family Freezer Cost and Discount Codes

How much does Freezer Meal Pro cost? I purchased a membership when it was on sale for over $77. The regular price of the membership is $97. 

The price in comparison is similar to other sites. As an example, Once A Month Meals is $250 per year and is very expensive. On the other hand, you can find FreezerFit on sale for $97 year-round

The price for this membership is a fair price.

Final Thoughts

Freezer Meal Pro is worth the money but it is not the best site out there. The Family Freezer is definitely not a scam and they do offer a good membership. If you are only looking to join one site then I would recommend looking at instead.

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