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7 Best Taiwanese Cookbooks To Learn To Cook Taiwanese Dishes From Scratch

What’s the reason for Taiwanese cuisine becoming so popular all over the world and what makes people want to learn about their recipes? The Taiwanese have long developed a culinary style in their own way. Their gastronomy blends a variety of styles brought by the settlers, mainly from Fujian and Guangdong, Hakka and aboriginal minorities’ cooking styles, Japanese food styles, and local tastes. As we know, Taiwan is a nation of diverse cultures and ethnicities pursuing integration. So eating is the best way to experience the local culture. We will provide you with the 7 best Taiwanese cookbooks to give you an experience of Taiwanese cuisine & culture in-depth at home.

The Food of Taiwan: Recipes from the Beautiful Island

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“Wow! This takes me back. As first generation and half Taiwanese myself, I was looking for a cookbook to help me make the dishes I grew up with (my mom is not the best at explaining recipes). This book does all that and more. It has a little bit of history, culture, and lots of beautiful photos” – shoefly

Taiwanese cuisine is very popular in Asian countries, but it is still relatively unknown for European countries and the US. Acclaimed author Cathy Erway gives you a closer look at home-style food and authentic Taiwanese street food.

In The Food of Taiwan, Cathy Erway brings nearly 100 Taiwanese recipes for both home-style dishes and street food. You’ll find recipes from familiar, such as Triple Cup Chicken and Beef Pho, Pork Belly Vermicelli, to the exotic items, like Oyster Noodles Soup, Bitter Melon Stuffed, and Dried Radish.

Interspersing with tantalizing food photos are stunning photos of the Taiwan coast. Images of mountains, farms, or gritty photos of bustling city scenes, make this book become enticing to flip through.

About the author: Cathy Erway is a famous Taiwanese-American blogger and author of The Art of Eat In. She is the author of Culinary Arts and has written for publications such as Saveur, PAPER magazine, and Serious Dining. Cathy Erway is also known as the host of Heritage Radio Network’s “Eat Your Words” and co-founded the supper club The Hapa Kitchen.

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Home-Style Taiwanese Cooking

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“Extensive list of great Taiwanese eats. The menu contains a lot of authentic dishes our family grew up within Taiwan as well as familiar street foods that are super delicious. Can’t wait to start digging in and cooking all the recipes!” – gobears

“Home-style Taiwanese Cooking” is a collection of Taiwanese classics, from signature dishes such as minced pork rice, beef noodles, oyster omelet and steamed minced pork with salted egg, to popular street food fares such as deep-fried prawn rolls, dragon phoenix legs, fried chicken with sweet potato fries and coffin bread.

Accompanying with informative headnotes that tell the stories behind the dishes, a detailed glossary of ingredients, step-by-step photos of cooking techniques where necessary, and insightful cooking tips, “Home-style Taiwanese Cooking” certainly will inspire home cooks to prepare these authentic Taiwanese dishes as a part of their own cooking repertoire.

About the Author: Tsung Yun Wan is a Taiwanese food blogger and chef based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Throughout her life, she has been surrounded by great food. After High School, Yun Wan immediately pursued a diploma in Western culinary, and now works at Edinburgh – one of the most famous restaurants in the city.

Her cooking recipes are developed based on her experience and research, while some of her other cooking ideas were handed down by her grandparents.

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Tremendous Taiwan Recipes: An Illustrated Cookbook of Exotic Asian Dish Ideas!

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“Outstanding and tasty! The recipes are easy to make, and they taste great. This book is well worth your time. Your efforts will be rewarded by what you create. Have fun.” – Kindle Customer

Its geographical characteristics greatly influence Taiwanese cuisine. Because the island is so crowded and has little land for farming, seafood has become a prominent part of its cuisine. They use a variety of seafood, from sardines, grouper, and tuna to squid, cuttlefish, crustaceans, and anchovies.

Besides, Taiwanese dishes often include chicken and pork. In their agriculture, cattle play a vital role, and they are not killed as often as in other countries. However, that has changed in recent years, so in this book by Anthony Boundy, you will easily find more beef in Taiwanese recipes than once was.

About the author: Anthony Boundy is a food blogger with a deep understanding of many different cuisines in the world. If you love her recipes, you can read some of her other popular books:

  • German Style Recipes: An Illustrated Cookbook of European Dish Ideas!
  • Scrumptious Skillet Recipes: Your Go-to Cookbook of Quick & Easy Dish Ideas!
  • Southern-Style Recipes: A Complete Cookbook of Down-Home Dish Ideas!
  • The Polish Style Recipes: An Illustrated Cookbook of European Dish Ideas!
  • Mouthwatering Miso Recipes: A Complete Cookbook of Asian Miso Dish Ideas!
  • The Soup for Everyone Cookbook: Enjoy the Comfort of Soup

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“Easy to make. Great book” – Amir Arie

“Asian Cookbook: 1 Dish Easy Eastern Meals – A Cookbook of Taiwanese Recipes: 15 Most Popular Taiwanese Home Cooking Authentic Local Flavors (The One-Dish Easy Eastern Recipes Cookbook 3)” is an extraordinary edition of the cookbook series. A little background and travel fun facts are included in the book before the culinary journey to cook some of Taiwan’s popular authentic dishes begins.

Here, you can find the most traditional dishes enjoyed and craved to this day despite all the creations of all time. The recipes have been meticulously combined so that you can try the meals from scratch, and enjoy Taiwanese flavors in the comfort of your own homes. You will certainly satisfy the craving for a soothing experience when it touches your taste buds and settles in your body.

You will be provided with blueprints of simple materials. These dishes do not require elaborate preparation but offer a compelling experience when cooking Asian meals properly.

About the author: Leah Lee was born and raised in Singapore. She has a deep love and passion for food, and that has taken her to live across different cities in Southeast Asian cities like Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam.

In this book, she decided to compile the best of the dishes she has. These dishes will bring you the fastest and easiest dishes, both balanced and nutritious.

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Mama Lieu’s Kitchen: A Cookbook Memoir of Delicious Taiwanese and Chinese Home Cooking for My Children

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“Simple, honest, authentic, and familiar recipes. This is not a fancy pretty picture book. It is simple and is exactly a perfect collection of all the dishes I had in my childhood growing up.” – Eggroll

“Mama Lia Lieu Kitchen” is a partly historical cookbook, a memoir of life and culture in Taiwan. Ruth wrote a cookbook to shed light on Taiwanese and Chinese cuisines with strange names such as Chop Chop Suey, and Ma Ma Tofu. Besides, she shares the cultural background of these dishes in hopes of making Taiwanese and Chinese food more interesting for readers.

In this book, Ruth vividly describes the foods she and her family ate during World War II – from the bottle of cooked flour with sugar to lean postwar, pickled white turnip and egg.

This book is specifically for Ruth’s three children (Tina, Clara, and Derek), who still call her from far away to ask how to make food.

About the author: Ruth Lieu is the youngest of a family with seven children. She learned to cook by watching how her mother prepares meals, and also viewed fancy dishes conjured up by chefs hired for celebrations. In 1967, Ruth Lieu immigrated to the Boston area with her husband, Leo.

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Mini Taiwanese Favorites (Periplus Mini Cookbook Series)

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“Beautiful photos, simple recipes and easy to follow” – Amazon customer

You will find in this cookbook the recipes for classic and modern meals of Taiwan and mainland China. “Mini Taiwanese Favorites (Periplus Mini Cookbook Series)” contains recipes for dishes such as appetizers, desserts, meat, noodles, poultry, seafood, snacks, rice, congee, soups, and vegetables.

In addition, you will also be provided with unit conversion tables, more than 35 detailed photos, dual measurements, and a list of Taiwan’s essential ingredients to create classic and healthy Taiwanese dishes. Some recipes are included in this book:

  • Oyster omelet
  • Fish porridge
  • Sweet potato soup
  • Chicken braised in wine and sesame (San Bei Ji)
  • Braised soy pork
  • Diced chicken with dried chilies
  • Stir-fried clams with asparagus
  • Rice noodle soup with oysters

About the author: Daniel Reid and Reid are the authors of this cookbook and also the author of the other book titled “A Complete Guide to Chi-Gung: The Principles and Practice of the Ancient Chinese Path to Health, Vigor, and Longevity.”

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Chinese Cuisine: Taiwanese Style

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“Authentic Taiwanese Recipes. I love this cookbook!…The recipes are also very effortless to take.” – L. Cornish

In this cookbook, you will find Taiwanese dishes with a light, natural flavor, with an emphasis on seafood. These new easy-to-use recipes give detailed instructions on carving and slicing, using seasonings and various cooking methods. In particular, it also includes many colorful full-color illustrations to inspire readers.

About the author: Lee-Hwa Lin and Wei-Chuan Publisher are the authors of this book. There are also several books by these two authors that you can choose to read:

  • Chinese Cuisine: Cantonese Style
  • Szechwan Style Chinese Cuisine
  • International Baking Delights
  • Chinese Cuisine: Shanghai Styles
  • Chinese Cuisine: Beijing Style (Chinese Edition)
  • Rice: Chinese Home-Cooking
  • Noodles: Chinese Home-Cooking
  • Rice – Traditional Chinese Cooking (Chinese Edition)
  • Favorite Chinese Dishes
  • Appetizers Chinese Style

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We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Taiwanese cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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