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10 Swiss Cookbooks To Try All Kinds Of Recipes That You Didn’t Know Existed In Switzerland

Switzerland is a perfect destination for a mini-break with a mountainous landscape, vast lakes, and a unique climate. It is also known as the land of cheese, chocolate, and absolute deliciousness! Swiss cuisine has the influence and combination of French, German, and North Italian cuisine. This will indeed be a gourmet’s paradise to explore any of the region’s specialties. If you’re looking to try Swiss recipes without leaving home, then this article is for you! Check out these 10 Swiss cookbooks we’ve collected for excellent home experience.

Helvetic Kitchen: Swiss Cooking

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“Not only great Swiss recipes, but also a wonderfully illustrated and charming little book!”- Marlyse S. Henchoz

This lovely little Cookbook by Andie Pilot contains her favorite recipes and many happy memories of spending time in her Bernese grandmother’s kitchen. This collection of recipes includes some from Andie’s grandmother and some other modern Swiss methods. The book also provides simple drawings and detailed explanations of Swiss cuisine for beginners or seasoned cooks.

About the author: Andie Pilot was born in Canada with a Swiss mother. After training as a pastry chef in Canada, she moved to Bern. Here, she started the website Helvetic Kitchen to share simple Swiss dishes with friends in Switzerland and around the world.

“Drink Like the Swiss” is another Andie Pilot’s book about Swiss drink that you can refer to.

The Swiss Cookbook

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“A great English version. The food is very nice, delicious and easy to make.”- Amazon Customer

The Swiss Cookbook is the first English edition of Swiss cookbook publisher Betty Bossi. The recipes in this book are organized by region. You will be briefly demonstrated about each area and its specialties with a color photograph accompanying each recipe.

About the author: Betty Bossi is a Swiss cookbook publisher based in Zurich owned by the Coop group. Among their many cookbooks, some outstanding titles can be listed, such as:

  • Betty Bossis Kuchen Cakes and Torten
  • Kochen Fur Gaste – German Cookbook
  • Aus Mutters Kochtopf
  • Gratins Eintopfe Souffles Auflaufe
  • Grossmutters Kuche neu entdeckt By Betty Bossi
  • Les grillades autrement
  • Guetzle – German Cookbook

Your Guide to Swiss Cooking: Discover Many Delicious and Mouth-Watering Recipes from Switzerland!

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“This is the best book I’ve ever had. The recipe is easy to follow. Very pleased!”- Linda J

The “Your Guide to Swiss Cooking: Discover Many Delicious and Mouth-Watering Recipes from Switzerland!” Cookbook brings you a collection with 30 of the most delicious Swiss recipes, from classic Cheese Fondue to Swiss Carrot Cake. With this book, you can enjoy and bring delightful Swiss specialties into your kitchen at home.

About the author: Allie Allen is a talented culinary expert and writer. She has spent most of her time researching and writing about the cuisine of countries around the world. Here is a list of some of Allie Allen’s books:

  • Czech Style Recipes: Your Cookbook for Bohemian Breakfasts, Dinners Desserts
  • Foods that Go Great with Alcohol: The Popular Cookbook of Dishes to Eat While You Drink!
  • Mediterranean Diet Recipes: A Cookbook of Mediterranean-inspired Dish Ideas!
  • Jewish Recipes: A Complete Cookbook of Jewish-Inspired Dish Ideas!
  • Vastly Tasty Vegetable Recipes: A Complete Cookbook of Veggie-Licious Dish Ideas!

Beyond Muesli and Fondue: The Swiss Contribution to Culinary History

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“Excellent research with fascinating stories. The recipes are accessible and delicious.”- BehaviorQueen

This is an extraordinary cookbook because it allows people to explore the cuisine of the Renaissance.

Unlike the usual cookbooks, besides 78 recipes, you will be provided with another 17 drink recipes. This book is ideal for you to learn about desserts, soups, cocktails, and tell Swiss stories with friends and family.

About the author: Martin Dahinden is the Swiss Ambassador to the United States. In particular, he worked as a diplomat in Paris, New York, Lagos, Geneva, Brussels, and Bern. Previously, he was the Head of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

The Swiss Cookbook (Swiss Cook Book 200)

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“It is a great Swiss Cookbook written in English, bought one for my son and one for my niece. They will finally be able to make some real Swiss dishes.”- SWISSMISS

This book is made based on the author’s long experience and affection for Switzerland. Before you can start making any of the recipes in this book, culinary expert Nika Hazelton explained the basics of Swiss cooking.

With 250 recipes gathered and saved for years from farmers, homemakers, and cooks throughout history, including many home-cooked dishes, appetizers to desserts. The book includes delicacies such as peasants, homemakers, and chefs through history, cover the range of home cooking, from appetizers to desserts. Included are such delights as:

  • Heidi’s Devil’s Dip
  • Gypsy Salad
  • Farina-Cheese Souffle
  • Minced Veal Belvoir
  • Apfelbroisi

About the author: Nika Standen Hazelton is a culinary expert as well as a talented Swiss cook. This is his only book that contains all of his culinary quintessence in 250 recipes. Here is a list of some of the author:

  • The Art of Cheese Cookery
  • The Regional Italian Kitchen
  • What shall I cook today?: Menus and recipes for every day of the year
  • From Nika Hazelton’s Kitchen
  • Classic Scandinavian Cooking Revised Edition

Swiss Cookies: Biscuits for Christmas and All Year Round

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“Authentic recipes. Most of the recipes I was looking for!”- Arthur Panton

“Swiss Cookies: Biscuits for Christmas and All Year Round” will present you with some of Swiss’s best and most delicious homemade food not only for Christmas but also for year-round enjoyment.

Swiss Cookies brings you 29 of the most well-known and straightforward traditional Swiss cookies and crackers. The advantage of this book is that the images are easy to follow; background information, illustrations, guides to ingredients, and translations are also perfect.

About the author: This delightful Cookbook is the result of the first and only collaboration between Andrew Rushton and Katalin Fekete. They are all culinary experts with years of experience and credibility.

Swiss Cuisine: The Tastes of the Alpine Paradise

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“A good cookbook with many delicious recipes. A Good Kindlebook Bargain” – Stella Carrier

Lukas Prochazka’s Swiss Cuisine: The Tastes of the Alpine Paradise cookbook will feature a collection of recipes with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions for cooks at any level. The book also gives you a lot of useful food information to apply to create your own variety of recipes.

Some outstanding recipes will be included in this fascinating book:

  • Alplermagrone Alpine macaroni
  • Emmental Apple Rosti
  • Cheese Fondue
  • Pizzocherri
  • Tirggel Honey Cookies, and more recipes.

About the author: Lukas Prochazka is the author who wrote this book and is a culinary expert with a deep understanding of many countries’ cuisine. Also, you can refer to many other cookbooks of Lukas Prochazka such as:

  • Austrian Cookbook: Tastes of Vienna and much more
  • Slovak Cuisine: The Best of the Slovak Republic
  • Vietnamese Cuisine: Cookbook of Genuine Recipes from Vietnam
  • 20 Ways How to Make a Sandwich
  • Scandinavian Cooking: Cuisines of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway
  • Italian Bakery: An Italian Bread Cookbook

Little Swiss Cookbook

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“An excellent book on some of the hard to find cuisine on the planet”- Scorpio

This book is an English translation of an old Swiss cookbook. Little Swiss Cookbook is a remarkable cookbook because it will give you some of the hard-to-find cookbooks in the market. Besides, the recipes are organized and explained in a simple to read and simple to cook way.

About the author: Jacqueline Martinet is a famous culinary expert with the “Little Swiss Cookbook” series. A little Swiss cookbook (International Little Cookbooks) is also a cookbook in the “Little” series and will be mentioned shortly.

A little Swiss cookbook (International Little Cookbooks)

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“This is a nice little small Swiss cookbook”- P. Alther

This compact cookbook contains an array of semi-authentic and authentic recipes, which are an excellent representation of Swiss cooking. In this book, you will be provided with over 40 fabulous recipes.

All “Little” cookbooks in the A Little Swiss Cookbook series are a pure gem that you can trust completely to use for your family meals.

Sweet & Savory Keto Chaffles: 75 Delicious Treats for Your Low-Carb Diet

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“With these recipes, I can have chaffles every week. With 75 recipes there will never be a shortage of yummy things”- Deloris P

Sweet & Savory Keto Chaffles offers you 75 delicious and creative recipes for this trending treat, including desserts, sandwiches, and low-carb snacks.

You will find the perfect taste balance in this book because half of the recipes are sweet, and half are savory. At the same time, there will be photos of every recipe and detailed nutrition facts: fat, protein, carbs, net carbs, and calories attached. In addition, the author also provides some nut-free, egg-free, and dairy-free tips in special recipes.

You will find many delicious options, including:

  • Avocado Toast Chaffles
  • Egg Sandwich Chaffles
  • Cauli Chaffle Latkes
  • Monte Christo Chaffles
  • Apple Cinnamon Dipper Chaffles
  • Pepperoni Pizza Chaffles
  • Taco Chaffles
  • Blueberry Muffin Chaffles
  • Triple Chocolate Chaffle Cake

About the author: Martina Slajerova is a UK health and food blogger. In 2011, after being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, Martina discovered the ketogenic diet. She is also the creator of the KetoDiet app and blog to successfully help others live the ketogenic lifestyle.

  • Martina is the best-selling author of many books such as:
  • The KetoDiet Cookbook
  • Begin’s KetoDiet Cookbook
  • Keto Slow Cooker & One-Pot Meals
  • Super Low-Carb Snacks
  • The Keto All Day Cookbook

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Swiss cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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