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Seriously Good Freezer Meals Cookbook Review: Is It Worth It? 

You don’t just like freezer meal prep – you love it and want every method, recipe, and adaptation out there. Think of this cookbook as the freezer meal prep ideas Bible – it’s a whopping 368 pages of freezer meal recipes and prep instructions.

Seriously Good Freezer Meals: 150 Easy Recipes to Save Your Time, Money, and Sanity includes pretty much everything in one book – from a beginner’s guide to freezer meal prep, photos of each recipe, and doubling, tripling, and big-batch charts for each. 

Bottom Line: This is a great resource to get you started. The sheer size of it can be a bit unwieldy, since most people aren’t going to use every single feature of this cookbook every single time – maybe you like the big batch measurements feature, or maybe you’re just here for the dessert recipes.

If you want something a little more streamlined, FreezerFit might be a little more your speed. You can browse recipes, create your customized shopping list and recipe cards, and multiply or divide ingredients (no mental math required!) to suit your preferences. You can check out our full review here.

Who Is This Freezer Meal Cookbook For?

This book is full of freezer meal prep ideas for the flexible cook. Each recipe comes with instructions for “Cook it Now” or “Freeze for Later,” including longer defrosting times or a quick-defrosting method. This is good for people who want to add some freezer meal prep to their lives while also cooking the “regular” way sometimes too. 

It’s also great if you like a photo of every recipe. Bright, nicely-styled photos make this cookbook fun to read – and contribute to its length! 

The charts at the bottom of each recipe are really where this cookbook shines. If you hate doing the math to double, triple, or half a recipe, this cookbook has you covered. Every single recipe includes a chart with the conversions already done for you. This is big batch cooking at it’s finest. 

Who Is This Cookbook NOT For? 

If you like prepping lots of meals to defrost and eat at a later time, this book isn’t quite that. Rather, this is more like a traditional cookbook that includes the instructions for freezing ahead of time and thawing later.

While you could certainly select a number of recipes from this book and do a marathon freezer meal prep session, it doesn’t come with shopping lists or meal plans to maximize each ingredient, so you’ll have to plan accordingly. 

While many of the recipes in this book are healthy, there isn’t specific nutritional information listed for each recipe. That might make it harder for people with special dietary needs or who are trying to use meal planning to help with a diet. 

Seriously Good Freezer Meals in a Nutshell 

This is a large cookbook with multiple parts. 

The beginning of the book teaches meal prep basics as well as some useful cooking tips. The recipes are all structured with a lot of information in each individual recipe so it can be customized to different food prep styles. 

Each recipe includes a glossy photo, instructions on cooking now or freezing for later, and a chart that shows how to double, triple, or big batch the recipe if you are cooking for a large number of people or preparing several freezer meals all at once. 

There are notations included on each recipe to indicate if it is vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, “thrifty,” or easy to share. A lot of the recipes do include meat or dairy. Though there are some twists on some of the flavors, it’s overall a cookbook full of familiar family favorites, like pancakes and beef barley soup. 

Our Verdict: Seriously Good Freezer Meals Review 

This cookbook definitely has some great ideas, especially for busy families who want cooking options and meals that will be familiar enough for kids to want to eat. 

The sheer size of the cookbook can be a bit overwhelming for some people – especially since we all tend to settle on our favorite meal prep dinner recipes after a while. Keep in mind that this cookbook has some recipes for freezer meal prep and some for big batch cooking – so when you’re planning your meals, make sure you factor in the time you need to use two different methods. 

If you’re ready to go all-in on prepping multiple meals in one hour so you can cut down on weeknight dinner prep, check out our full review of FreezerFit here.

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