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Once a Month Meals Review – Is it Worth The Cost?

Quick Overview

I was hesitant to review Once a Month Meals because of the cost of the membership. This program is expensive! But, after having quite a few readers request it I decided it was worth it.

This is possibly the only unbiased review online. All of the other reviews contain referral links. This means that all of the other Once a Month Meals reviews that you find online are biased because the authors get paid to refer you to them. I do not get paid to do this so it is my honest opinion. If you are looking for a coupon code for Once a Month Meals you won’t find any online that work.

If you are short on time I will get right to the point. There are better options out there for freezer meal membership sites. Once a Month Meals isn’t a scam. It is a good website but it is definitely not worth the cost. $250 per year!? No way.

Instead, I recommend FreezerFit because it’s better overall than any of the other sites reviewed. You can read that review here: My Review of FreezerFit

Review Score

This is where I review the categories of each recipe website’s membership. The scores range from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best.

  • Number of Recipes: 10
  • Recipe Taste: 6
  • Recipe Variety: 9
  • Cost: 1
  • Customer Service: 8
  • Ease of use: 7
  • Features: 9

Overall score: 7

This score is okay but there are definitely better options out there. You can read a review that I gave for another site with the highest score. This site came in with an overall score of 9. Click here to see why I think it is better and gave it such a high score.

Once a Month Meal’s Recipes

Their membership program has over 13,000 recipes. This is by far the most amount of recipes online. This is the best selling point of the membership. This is not very important overall because it is hard to cook that many recipes. Most people prefer to stick to the recipes they love. You really only need 100 or 200 recipes that have some variety. The taste of the recipes that are offered is the most important thing to consider. This is where I prefer other membership sites. The recipes are simply just better tasting with other freezer meal websites. Think about it; how can 13,000 recipes all be delicious? There is no way to try them all and it makes it very hard to decide which recipe to cook.

How Easy is it to Use?

This category received a 7 out of 10. It’s not very hard to use but it takes some getting used to. This score is actually fairly good. The reason it didn’t score higher is that if you are tech-savvy and good at learning things on the computer or on your phone it might confuse you at times. If you are someone who has trouble learning things quickly on your phone or computer, then I would suggest looking at another site to join.

Once per Month Meals Cost and Coupon Codes

How much does Once a Month Meals cost? I purchased a quarterly membership for $75. There are two options when you sign up: $75 per quarter or $250 per year. This is where the membership is not competitive with any other freezer meal site online. Compare $250 per year to a $67 one-time fee for other sites and it is impossible to justify paying that much. If you are looking for the Once a Month Meals coupon code I can’t help because I can not find one.

The price for this membership is a little overpriced. Choose another option instead of Once a Month Meals.

Final Thoughts

Once a Month Meals is just too expensive when there are other freezer meal sites out there that do a better job but for a lower cost. After reviewing 8 freezer meal sites, there has been one clear winner. If you are only looking to join only one site I would recommend looking at instead.

I have not been paid to recommend any of these websites. I do this to try the meals and share my experience. Please leave a comment and share your experiences below.

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