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7 Authentic Hong Kong Cookbooks & Recipe Books

Hong Kong cuisine is a style of Chinese cuisine served in Hong Kong and, to a lesser extent, Macau. It is closely connected with Guangdong province’s cooking due to the shared Cantonese heritage. It uses techniques such as stir frying, steaming, poaching, braising and deep frying to cook meat and vegetables. The use of garlic in many dishes shows the influence of Cantonese cuisine on Hong Kong’s cooking.

The cuisine of Hong Kong is famous for its blend of various cultural traditions, including Cantonese, Hakka and Western. Many dishes are served in a unique style known as “Cha Chaan Teng”. The most commonly used ingredients in Hong Kong cuisine are rice, seafood, meat and vegetables. The four major cuisines of Chinese cooking include Cantonese, Szechuan, Hunan and Mandarin. Influenced by the different immigration patterns from mainland China to Hong Kong over time, these four styles have evolved into a unique blend of tastes that is uniquely Hong Kong’s own style.

Although there are several good cookbooks on cooking Chinese food, most do not focus specifically on Cantonese cuisine. In this blog post we have gathered the top 7 Hong Kong cookbooks that will help you master your cooking skills and save time in the kitchen at home.

Hong Kong House Cook Book

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  • A Hong Kong cookbook that offers recipes for fresh, authentic dishes
  • A trip back in time through photos and stories about the food
  • Features updated pictures and more dish types than similar books can offer
  • Includes re-imagined family favorites with a healthier twist

It can be challenging to find a good cookbook that has delicious recipes of authentic Hong Kong dishes. 

This is the first ever cookbook created by and for Hong Kong people, which makes it different from all those other Chinese cookbooks that are available on the market today.

The book contains over 300 recipes of classic Cantonese cuisine with its own unique twist. You will get to learn how to make your favorite soup dumplings, dim sum, noodles and stir fried rice as well as many others. There are also stories about the history behind these dishes along with some photos taken during their childhood days in Hong Kong. These memories help them recall what life was like back then before they moved away from home for work or study purposes.

Hong Kong Food & Culture

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  • Explore Hong Kong cuisine with Adele
  • Learn about the diversity of Cantonese dishes and their variations
  • Inspire your cooking routine with this unique, international cookbook

Hong Kong is a city that has been influenced by various cultures. Yet, the local food culture remains largely misunderstood and underappreciated.

In our fast-paced world of takeaways and convenience foods, it can be hard to find time for cooking or appreciate the value of traditional recipes. This book aims to change that perception through its stories and photographs depicting how people live their daily lives in this vibrant metropolis.

With over 100 authentic recipes spanning from street snacks to banquet dishes, this cookbook will give readers a true taste of Hong Kong’s diverse culinary heritage while providing them with practical knowledge on how they can create these meals at home using easily available ingredients.

Hong Kong Diner: Recipes for Baos, Hotpots, Street Snacks and More

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  • Provides 70 recipes of authentic Hong Kong cuisine
  • Includes a list of ingredients and the number of servings
  • Lets people experience the authentic flavors of Hong Kong in their own kitchen

There are many cookbooks out there, but this one is a little different. It gives you the recipes to make some of your favorite Hong Kong dishes in your own kitchen.

This book has 70+ recipes for popular Hong Kong street food and café classics like bao (steamed buns), congee, hotpots, fried noodles and bubble tea that will have you eating like a local!

With instructions on how to prepare everything from wonton soup dumplings to baked pork chop rice with tomato sauce, this book will change how you think about cooking at home forever.

Hong Kong Food City

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  • Capture the tastes of Hong Kong
  • Immerse yourself in a culinary journey around the city 
  • Exclusive recipes from some of Hong Kong’s most iconic restaurants, including Beijing Duck Restaurant and Tai Cheong Bakery.

Most of us are familiar with the city’s most famous dishes, but it can be hard to find authentic recipes that taste as good as they look.

In order to bridge this gap between looks and taste, Hong Kong Food City has put together a cookbook featuring 80 iconic dishes from across the city. The book includes information about each dish’s history, along with a full set of mouth-watering images for every recipe. 

This is the definitive guide to Hong Kong food—a must have for any local or tourist who wants to experience our cuisine in all its glory.

Hong Kong Local: Cult Recipes From the Streets that Make the City

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  • Learn the secrets of Cantonese cuisine
  • Get recipes for your favorite Hong Kong street foods
  • Bring a taste of Hong Kong to your home kitchen 
  • Recreate the magic of Cantonese food at home

Local foodies have long been searching for a cookbook that captures the essence of Hong Kong’s delicious cuisine.

The recipes in this book are inspired by the city’s diverse culinary landscape and its rich heritage, as well as its unique street-food culture. They will also provide readers with an authentic taste of Cantonese cooking at home.

This is not just another Hong Kong cookbook! It contains more than 100 mouthwatering recipes from local favorites such as egg tarts to classic dim sum dishes, including shark fin soup–a controversial dish often seen on Chinese banquet menus but rarely served in restaurants today due to conservation concerns. Readers will also find innovative takes on traditional fare, such as pineapple buns and seafood fried rice. Each recipe includes detailed instructions and photographs so that even novice cooks can recreate them easily at home using accessible ingredients found at any supermarket or Asian grocery store.

The Breath of a Wok: Unlocking the Spirit of Chinese Wok Cooking Throug

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  • Wok cooking is a perfect way to cook meats, vegetables, and grains in one pan
  • Provides a variety of recipes for stir frying that have the “wok hay” flavor
  • Written by Chinese natives who grew up with these wok techniques
  • Contains beautiful full-color photography

Wok cooking is an ancient technique that was once the only way to cook food in China. But many people are afraid of wok cooking because they don’t know how to use a wok properly and because it can be dangerous.

The Breath of a Wok will help you unlock the spirit of Chinese wok cooking, enabling you to stir-fry with wok hay like a pro! With this book, you’ll learn all about the history and culture behind Chinese woks as well as their proper care and maintenance so that your experience with them will always be enjoyable. In addition, this book contains 125 recipes for both meat-based dishes (including poultry) and vegetarian meals – including soups, appetizers, vegetables, noodles/rice dishes – plus information on fundamental techniques such as dicing ingredients into uniform pieces; using aromatics like ginger; making sauces from scratch; assembling ingredients quickly without compromising quality or flavor; choosing fresh produce at farmers’ markets

The Hakka Cookbook: Chinese Soul Food from around the World

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  • Delightful variety of traditional dishes
  • Written by Linda Lau Anusasananan, a top chef
  • Can be used for everyday cooking or more intricate feasts
  • Gives an accurate portrayal of Hakka cuisine and heritage

Most of the Chinese food in America is Cantonese or Mandarin, which are different from Hakka food.  The author wanted to share her family’s recipes with the world because she believes that this type of cooking should be more popular and accessible. 

This book contains over 140 authentic Hakka recipes, including a variety of soups (such as wonton soup), stir-fried noodle dishes (like chow mein), braised meats (like red-braised pork belly) and vegetables, and desserts. There are also sections on how to make sauces like black bean sauce, soy sauce dip for dumplings, sweet rice wine marinade for meat skewers; plus instructions on making your own tofu at home. She includes suggestions for sourcing ingredients if you can’t find them locally–for example there is a recipe for homemade tofu! It’s not just about knowing what goes into each dish but also how it tastes when

Many people love to cook, but not everyone has the time. With a Hong Kong cookbook in hand you can experiment with different recipes and learn more about this great city of ours. We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Hong Kong cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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