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10 Authentic Ethiopian Cookbooks & Recipe Books

Ethiopia is known as a different land because it has never been a colony. The Ethiopians take great pride in their culture and strive to preserve and honor traditional dishes. However, with the different religious influences of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – a unique combination of Africa has enriched their delicious dishes. You can prepare for a trip to the country to taste the unique dishes here or you can also refer to 10 best Ethiopian cookbooks that we provide in this article to create dishes with Authentic Ethiopian taste in your kitchenette.

Ethiopia: Recipes and traditions from the horn of Africa

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“This book is beautifully illustrated and full of fascinating information about Ethiopia.”- M.A. H.

The author will take you on a journey to discover magical tales about the local communities and customs as well as all the essential dishes of this country, including the traditional Injera synonymous with an Ethiopia feast. Besides, you will also find pictures of stunning landscapes and vivid artisans of the country.

The book will bring you outstanding delicacies including Yeassa Alichia, curried fish stew, Siga Tibs, flash-fried beef cubes, Doro Wat, chicken slowly stewed with berbere spice, as well as a wealth of vegetarian dishes such as  Azifa, green lentil salad, and Gomen, minced collard greens with ginger and garlic.

About the author: Before returning to Addis Ababa to set up Antica, Yohanis worked as a chef in California and Lyon. He hosts a weekly food program on EBS, the national television network of Ethiopia. Fluent in French, English, and Amharic, Yohanis was featured in Le Monde, The Guardian, and Forbes as well as on CNN. He owns a Facebook page with more than 52,000 followers.

Jeff Koehler is the author of 6 books and has won an IACP award for literary food writing. He has written for Food & Wine, NPR, the Washington Post, Saveur, and Los Angeles Times.

Teff Love: Adventures in Vegan Ethiopian Cooking

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“Well-crafted, delicious food that will impress any food lover”- Umsfromumbridge

In this book, you’ll be equipped with the basics to be ready to dazzle your family and friends with delicious foods that are completely gluten and soy-free. The book includes recipes from spicy stews, saucy wots, and succulent stir-fries to traditional injera-based dishes and fusion foods that mixed these unique spices. Furthermore, the author will also provide tools and equipment tips to save time and effort and recommended menus.

About the author: Kittee Berns has over 13 years of experience in the natural food industry. She has been a gluten-free vegetarian since 2008 and has been an ethical vegetarian for 25 years. In 2011, Kittee released Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian Food – a cook-zine showcasing popular Ethiopian recipes. She currently lives in the megalopolis of Portland, Oregon.

Ethiopian Feast: The Crown Jewel of African Cuisine

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“Comprehensive and approachable guide to cooking Ethiopian food”- Gretchen Schmauder

The author will reveal culinary tips through 78 easy-to-follow recipes. You will learn how to make all sorts of classic dishes, including a great way to make bread, all using techniques that have been adapted to a modern kitchen.

About the author: Mulunesh Belay is a teacher, a beloved chef, and an iconic restaurant owner. She started cooking at the age of 5 with her mother’s cooking secrets. When Mulunesh arrived in the United States, she shared her recipes (which are often referred to in the press as “addictive” and “impressive”) with people in a farmer’s market stand.

She opened a restaurant and took the name of her hometown in Ethiopia – Ambo Ethiopian Cuisine. This book is a reflection of the author’s real dreams and passion for sharing the country’s food with as many people as possible.

Ethiopian Cookbook: Traditional Ethiopian Recipes Made Easy

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“A wide variety of truly authentic and doable recipes…using healthy fresh ingredients.”- Susan Kleber

Famous Ethiopian cuisine is spicy, aromatic, and healthy – and now it’s ready for you to bring it to your own home. This cookbook contains the full range of Ethiopian recipes with detailed, simple step-by-step instructions to suit the average cook or professional chef alike.

In this book you will find such delicious recipes:

  • Aromatic Ethiopian breakfast
  • Amazing Ethiopian appetizers
  • Famous Ethiopian dinners
  • Sweet and delicious Ethiopian desserts

About the author: Grizzly Publishing is an online book publisher that specializes in non- fiction ebooks, books and, audio content. Their books have great content and helpful information for a wide range of readers. Their first and foremost goal is to provide people with the best books that not only can educate people in self-development progress but also bring joy and entertainment for readers.  

Ethiopian Cuisine: A Complete Cookbook of Colorful, Exotic Dishes

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“I liked that the recipes seemed simple enough to be done at home”- Mary R. Fowler

If you’ve ever tasted Ethiopian food, perhaps the first thing you will notice is the vibrant array of colors. From the deep scarlet of a berbere spice blend to green cabbage, orange carrots, and purple beetroot. This book contains 30 easy-to-prepare vegan recipes, lactose-free, and gluten-free. Ethiopian dishes are not only delicious, unique but also beautiful.

About the author: Angel Burns is the author of this cookbook. Here are some other impressive books that you can refer to:

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  • Welcome to the World of Best Muffins: The Ultimate Cookbook Guide with Easy and Tasty Recipes
  • The Simple Anti Inflammatory Diet: A Complete Cookbook with Healthy and Tasty Recipes
  • The Healthy World of Plant-Based Diet: The Easy Cookbook with Recipes to Revitalize Your Body
  • Hadrosaurs (Life of the Past)
  • Healthy Dog Food Cookbook for Every Owner: Dog Food Recipes to Keep Your Pet Living Longer

Taste of Africa: 50 Most Popular and Delicious Ethiopian Recipes

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“Ethiopian cooking – a good resource”-Amazon Customer

With a great cookbook, you get both traditional Ethiopian cuisine and some American diet dishes and popular cooking equipment there! Pizzas, stir-fries, tacos, wings, paninis, and seafood; plus, stews, traditional curries, Wats, and injera.

With this cookbook, you will quickly enjoy new and old Ethiopian dishes.

About the author: Julia Chiles is a writer with a great passion for gastronomy. It was a great source of inspiration for her to publish many recipes every year. Typically some of her other cookbooks are:

  • Perfectly Pleasing Pastry Recipes: An Illustrated Cookbook of Sweet & Savory Pastry Ideas!
  • Flaming HOT Sauce Recipes: The BEST Ideas for Appetizers and Meals with HOT Sauce!
  • Exotic Colombia Recipes: The Fully Illustrated Cookbook of Colombian Dish Ideas!
  • Ramen Cookbook: 50 Ramen Recipes for the Home Chef
  • Pierogi Cookbook: Pierogi’s: 50 Great Recipes
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  • New Mexico Style Recipes: A Complete Cookbook of Southwestern Dish Ideas!

Ethiopian Cuisine: Authentic Recipes of Ethiopia

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“Beautiful book. Very authentic recipes…. you’ll love it as much as I do.”- Kindle Customer

Through this book, you can enjoy the Ethiopian culture through its food. The country’s cuisine is often characterized by vegetable and very spicy meat dishes. In addition, you can also experience eating dishes with the right hand in Ethiopian style. Their dishes are also often served injera which is a very large sourdough flatbread.

About the author: J. R. Stevens is the author of this book. Also, he has many other books that always receive different appreciation from customers. Typically, some of his following books may be named:

  • Texas Roadhouse Copycat Cookbook: Replicate This Restaurant’s Recipes at Home
  • The Unauthorized Panera Bread Copycat Cookbook: Current Classics and Forgotten Favorites
  • Fair Food Recipes: Famous Food Found at State & County Fairs
  • The Cheesecake Factory: The Unofficial Copycat Recipe Cookbook
  • Maggiano’s Copycat Cookbook: Little Italy Restaurant

Exotic Ethiopian Cooking: Society, Culture, and Hospitality Tradition in Ethiopia

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“Very authentic cookbook”- Stacy L. Arth

This cookbook presents 178 deliciously tested recipes. In particular, you will be provided with a number of recipes dating back to the Queen of Sheba period. Spicy, subtle, attractive taste in Ethiopian cuisine is what makes you impressed and unforgettable.

Besides a variety of recipes for main meals, breakfast, soups, breads, alcoholic beverages, yogurt, drinks, etc. The author also covers how to preserve processed and unprocessed foods, how to prepare basic ingredients, measurement tables, spices, a glossary of basic terms, and an index.

About the author: “Exotic Ethiopian Cooking: Society, Culture, and Hospitality Tradition in Ethiopia” is a cookbook compiled and edited by Daniel J. Mesfin. This is his first cookbook, which reflects his interests in cuisine.

Cooking with Imaye: Ethiopian Cuisine Straight from Mom’s Kitchen (Imaye’s Recipes Book 1)

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“Great introduction to Ethiopian cooking”- Jennifer Robinson

This book is a reflection of the author’s journey to discover and master the art of Ethiopian cooking. The author will share her beloved recipes as well as tips, advice and insights learned from her mother over the years. Whether you are a novice or an expert in Ethiopian cuisine, the instructions in this cookbook will help you.

About the author: Lena Deresse is an impressive culinary writer. The author experienced in collecting, evaluating, and creating signature dishes.” Cooking with Imaye: Ethiopian Cuisine Straight from Mom’s Kitchen (Imaye’s Recipes Book 1)” is the first Deresse’s cookbook.

Ethiopian Cookbook.: Ethiopian Cuisine – Daily Recipe Book for You.

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 “Interesting book with variations on more traditional Ethiopian food”- Walter Feigenson

Ethiopian food is characterized by a riot of tastes, textures and colors, aromas, and generally delicious able to delight your taste buds. In this book, you can find berbere (a spice blend with moderate heat) or Injera (a flat spongy sour bread resembling a pancake) and some other irresistible delicacies.

About the author: Olivia Evans is a food writer and the author of ” Ethiopian Cookbook.: Ethiopian Cuisine – Daily Recipe Book for You.” He has a deep love for the traditional cuisine of any country in the world, which is the motivation to devote wholeheartedly to this cookbook. Besides, the author also wrote many other books such as:

  • Practice to Deceive
  • The Wedding Party: A Hollywood & Vine Novella
  • Huia Short Stories 9
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We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Ethiopian cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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