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10 Authentic Italian Church Cookbooks & Recipe Books

The church has helped to shape the ideals and values of Italian culture. Although not all Italians are religious, many Italian families still have strong ties with the church, which plays a vital role in their culture. Therefore, compliance with some church cuisine rules and knowing popular church dishes are essential and need-to-know things for religious people. This article will introduce you 10 Italian Church cookbooks, let’s check it out!

Quanto Basta: A Neapolitan Cookbook

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“Awesome recipe book of so many of the great classic recipes of Naples! Now just have to find mozzarella di buffalo…” – Bobby Walker

Quanto Basta is a traditional Neapolitan cookbook with many great classic recipes of Naples, a city of Italy with many religious Neapolitans. All of the methods are easy to understand and guided by simple instructions that allow cooks to apply in their kitchen quickly.

Through this book, readers can enjoy the best dishes of Neapolitan culture through beautiful pictures and by bringing them into reality. The measurements are availably converted into the standard, so all you need is to follow the recipes in the book.

About the Author: This book is the work contributed by the work of many people, including the author Il Faro International Baptist Church and Kim Murray McDonald, editor Jennifer Miller, and photographer Erin Danielle.

Il Faro International Baptist Church is a church located in Via Napoli, 29, 81030 Castel Volturno CE, Italy. Quanto Basta: A Neapolitan Cookbook is the result of the church’s crew working to collect and create treasured recipes.

Kim Murray McDonald is a local food blogger who is the author of Food Lovers’ Guide to® San Antonio: The Best Restaurants, Markets & Local Culinary Offerings.

Jennifer Miller is an American circus entertainer, writer, and professor at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, living with a beard for most of her life. Miller lives in New York City.

The Vatican Cookbook: Presented by the Pontifical Swiss Guard

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“Great book…interesting…history, solid recipes…a great gift for a priest, Catholic or anyone wanting to learn more about the Vatican.” – Joe

This book is a collaborative effort of professionals in every sense of the word, lead by accomplished chef David Geisser. Initially released in Switzerland in late 2014, the first edition was sold out in weeks. It was recognized as spectacular, an instant classic, and the first Vatican cookbook in 2,000 years in worldwide media. 

From the elite protectors of the Popes and Defenders of the Faith for more than 500 years, a unique collection of exceptional recipes from simple to superb, everyday staples to holiday feasts. Included in the book are the classics served at Vatican tables for centuries and the finest of contemporary cuisine.

The best part is that the authors pay tribute to Pope Francis, Pope Benedict XVI, and Holy Pope John Paul II with the personal favorite dishes from their homelands of Argentina, Bavaria, and Poland.

More than a marvelous cookbook, the Vatican Cookbook features divine photographs that take us behind the scenes to secret and unique Vatican City places. For all who are cooking enthusiasts and fascinated by the wonders and the grandeur of the Vatican, the Swiss Guard is pleased to offer you The Vatican Cookbook.

About the Author: Three authors create this cookbook are David Geisser, Erwin Niederberger, and Thomas Kelly.

 David Geisser is an acclaimed chef who spent his youth in the Wezikon district of Zurich and created his first cookbook at the age of 18. When he was 20, he co-authored another bestseller, Through the Season, with grand chef Stephan Wunderlich.

Hailed as chef and author of extraordinary talent, Geisser joined the Swiss Guard in 2013 to take a leading role in the creation of Pontifical Swiss Guard presents The Vatican Cookbook.

Erwin Niederberger was born in Lucerne and raised in Switzerland. As an accomplished pastry chef, he entered the Guard in 1999. The stories and historical supervision of this book are primarily thanks to Erwin Niederberger.

Thomas Kelly is a writer, author, and editor from Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Kelly provided new content and acted as Supervising Editor for the supplements and modification to the revised version of this book.

Other Guardsmen offer the reader a distinctive inside look behind the walls of Vatican City through their eyes, which explores the intrigue of the Vatican since the days of Michelangelo.

Come, You Taste: Family Recipes from the Iron Range

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“This is a great cookbook and genuine to the northern Minnesota Iron Range …” – Internet Diva

Minnesota’s Iron Range has a culinary language all its own. The pursuit of rich iron ore in the early twentieth century drew workers who come from Finland, Sweden, Slovenia, Italy, and many other places. Therefore, the men who went to work in the mines also brought families adjusted together to a new land.

The immigrants’ children, that first-generation, grew up in multiethnic communities where grandmothers shared the bonus of their gardens and the products of their kitchens, and everyone can savor a new mix of food traditions.

“Come, You Taste” celebrates these several groups’ cuisine and features sentimental memories of neighborhoods now gone. They are flavors and scents that blended on a single block of local entrepreneurs who lifted up traditional dishes like porketta and pasties and potica.

As the second-generation Iron Ranger, B. J. Carpenter has collected stories and treasured recipes that will inspire modern cooks to explore this brand of Minnesota cuisine in their kitchens. Whatever the name of the dish, whatever the ethnic connection, these bread and pastries, hearty mains, and tempting sides all fit the bill of “very good food.”

About the Author: B. J. Carpenter is a culinary educator and writer living in the Twin Cities. She was born and raised in Hibbing, Minn. and is the author of “Come, You Taste.” She also is the co-author of “The Minnesota Table: Recipes for Savoring Local Food Throughout The Year” along with Shelley N. C. Hall.

Platters and Boards: Beautiful, Casual Spreads for Every Occasion (Appetizer Cookbooks, Dinner Party Planning Books, Food Presentation Books)

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“Wonderful book with great ideas. Plan on giving copies of this book along with wooden cheese boards as gifts this Christmas.” – Amazon Customer

Platters and Boards is the bestselling cookbook and an inspiring resource for throwing unforgettable gathers that shares the secrets to easy, attractive, and delicious spreads. With an effortless style, author Shelly Westerhausen shares the secrets to creating a casually chic outlay of food that anyone can make, and everyone will enjoy it.

Organized by time, 40 contemporary arrangements for every occasion are presented with gorgeous photography, easy-to-prepare recipes, meat and drink pairings, and notes on preparation and presentation. If you are a fan of Cook Beautiful, The Art of the Cheese Plate, or InStyle Parties, you will definitely love Platters and Boards.

More than that, the book also mentions helpful tips on portioning, guides to picking surfaces and vessels, and suggestions for pairing complementary textures and flavors plus a handy chart featuring board suggestions for various occasions, from holiday parties to baby showers.

About the Author: Shelly Westerhausen is the author of Vegetarian Heartland and also the founder/photographer of the blog Vegetarian Ventures. This meat-free blog specialized in the adventurous side of vegetarian cooking.

She is a freelance recipe developer, writer, and photographer whose work has appeared in Bon Appétit, Food & Wine, Saveur, and Vegetarian Living. She stopped eating meat at the age of 12 and growing up in Indiana, where she’s watched and helped Midwestern vegetarian cuisine develop into the vibrant and tasty scene as it is now.

Shelly now lives in Bloomington, Indiana, with her boyfriend, Wyatt, a musician, and a contributor to Vegetarian Ventures.

La Cucina: The Regional Cooking of Italy

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“Best Italian recipe compilation” – Gabriela

Fifty years ago, a team of Italian scholars gathered to discuss how to preserve traditional Italian cooking. As a result, they grouped and formed the Italian Academy of Cuisine to record classic recipes from every region.

The members interviewed grandmothers and farmers right at their stoves and transcribed their recipes with famous to even the most remote village. Some of them had never been documented before.

The result of this attempt is astounding 2,000 recipes that represent Italian country cooking. Each recipe is labeled with its region of origin, the ingredients, and the techniques that change with geography. 

With unlimited achievable recipes and such simple dishes as Polenta with Tomato Sauce and Chicken with Lemon and Capers, La Cucina is a vital reference for every cook’s library.

About the Author: The Italian Academy of Cuisine was founded in 1953 in Milan to preserve the gastronomical heritage of Italy. Every year it is the host of enormous education programs and awards prizes to leaders in gastronomy. Besides that, they also release a monthly magazine and restaurant guide.

Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking

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“I don’t think I’ll ever need another Italian cookbook” – Kristin Simon

Finding the most basic handbook about Italian culinary, Essential of Italian Cooking is precisely that. It is valued to be the most important consulted and enjoyed Italian cookbook over time. Marcella Hazan is the woman who has brought a whole new world of Italian food to Americans.

Essentials of Italian Cooking is a pillow book for anyone looking to master the art of Italian Cooking. With the update and expansion of 50 new recipes, the reader finds the book as a primary manual for all cook levels from beginners to professionals.

It provides both an accessible and comprehensive guide to methods, ingredients, and a collection of the Italian cuisine’s most delicious recipes. Readers always find out the information they need to know about the taste and texture of a dish and how to achieve it in this book.

Many home cooks who have used Marcella’s classic books for years share that no other manual could be more passionate and inspiring about authentic Italian food.

About the Author: Marcella Hazan was born in a fishing village on Italy’s foremost gastronomic region. She ever received doctorates from the University of Ferrara in natural sciences and biology. After that, Marcella lived and traveled throughout Italy.

With the publishing of The Classic Italian Cook Book and a single volume, Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking (sum up from More Classic Italian Cooking), she gained a reputation as a leading Italian cooking teacher all over America. Hazan died in 2013.

The Italian Regional Cookbook: A Great Cook’s Culinary Tour of Italy in 325 Recipes and 1500 Color Photographs

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“Even an Italian chef found this book a must-have!” – Nicole Poch

No matter how diverse regional Italian cuisine is, Italian cooking expert Valentina Harris examines each area in turn, with a carefully curated selection of recipes, and detailed instructions and photographs to help you achieve an authentic, and utterly delicious till the end. 

This book is the combination of 325 recipes and 1500 unique color photos that forms a great cook’s culinary tour of Italy’s regions, including Lombardy; Piedmont; Liguria; Emilia-Romagna; Veneto; Tuscany; Umbria; Sardinia; Campania; Sicily; Puglia; Basilicata; and Calabria. 

An extensive introduction thoroughly examines the history and traditions of classic Italian cooking, the ingredients, and how to prepare and use them. For the first time in the large deluxe hardback, Valentina’s prestigious Italian regional series has been published in a newly designed single volume with new additional recipes, updated dishes, and exceptional photographs.

About the Author: Valentina Harris is a passionate Italian cook and award-winning author with over 30 books. Tracing her family back to 1369, Valentina is the youngest member of a large Anglo-Italian family of gourmets. Educated in Italy, Valentina brought her qualifications for teaching and cooking from Rome to London in 1976.

Valentina is an experienced and enthusiastic teacher and is passionate about sharing her food philosophy, techniques, stories, and experiences both with food and its intricate history.

As a regular face at food festivals in the UK, Valentina stills finds time to share her expertise and love of Italian cuisine by hosting courses that can be found regularly contributing to radio, TV, newspapers, and magazines.

Pasta Grannies: The Official Cookbook: The Secrets of Italy’s Best Home Cooks

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“A Cookbook for the Ages” – Chef Kate

According to Lucia from the same name Youtube Channel, “when you have good ingredients, you don’t have to worry about cooking. They do the work for you.” – Lucia. Inspired hugely by that quote, Pasta Grannies is an admirable collection of time-perfected Italian recipes from Italian grandmothers who have spent a lifetime cooking for love, not a living.

Featuring over 80 uncomplicated and accessible recipes from all over Italy, you will feel like being warmly instructed in the kitchen of the Italian home about how to make delicious Italian food. Pasta styles range from pici – a type of hand-rolled spaghetti that is simple to make – to lumachelle della duchessa – tiny, ridged, cinnamon-scented tubes that take patience and skill.

More than just a brief of dishes, Pasta Grannies tells the unique stories of these normal women and shows you that with the right know-how, truly authentic Italian cooking is simple, beautiful, and entirely achievable. 

About the Author: Vicky Bennison had a time of many years working in international development in places like Siberia, South Africa, and Turkmenistan. During that time, she always respects the give meals, so she began writing about her culinary adventure.

From mushroom hunting with the Russian mafia to cooking zebra stew near Lake Turkana in Kenya, all still clearly exist in her mind as just occur. She is the author of The Taste of a Place and co-wrote Seasonal Spanish Food with José Pizarro.

The Amorino Guide to Gelato: Learn to Make Traditional Italian Desserts―75 Recipes for Gelato and Sorbets

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“The Comprehensive Guide for Any Gelato Lover or Frozen Dessert Aficionado!” – Miley

Amorino is a famous Italian gelato company with the passion of combining sweet flavors and scents with the smoothness of ice cream, fruits with the freshness of sorbets, choosing the best ingredients, and the most natural.

This book is included with 75 recipes for different types of frozen desserts and delicious accompaniments such as chocolate and caramel sauces, as well as instructions to take your recipes to the next level by making them beautiful and fancy decorated, adding embellishments, and more.

About the Author: Stéphan Lagorce is a chef/author and an expert in applying theory to practice in culinary matters. He has studied Agro-food science and technology and trained under two acclaimed chefs in France. He runs a course on the science of chocolate at the Agro Paris Tech Science and Industry Institute.

Tranquilla Toschi’s Traditional Italian Cookbook

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“Great cookbook with a wonderful story. The little quips scattered throughout the cookbook about their Nonnie makes you feel like you really know her.”- scrub lizard

This book is a traditional old-world Italian cookbook by Tranquilla Toschi, an Italian grandmother. Even at the age of 93, she still directly prepared simple, enticing meals for her family and friends. Where better to find a great recipe than one that has met the challenge of time. This love of food connected the Toschi family members together. This book was originally written for all the Toschi-children but now is shared with Amazon.

As same as many great cooks, Nonnie used to change ingredients from time to time depending on her mood, temperament, or on holidays and special occasions and even varies for her guests. The author enclosed all the recipes that seem to be similar but different in the book.

Some of the methods are named Italian purely since the English translation loses the entire effect of the dish. For some specific recipes, the author also attached a small paragraph about the related event so that readers could understand more about their meaning.

About the Author: This book is created by author Carol Ann Toschi-Shimer and editor Thomas Shimer.

Carol Ann Toschi-Shimer is the grandchildren of Tranquilla Toschi. Nonnie’s love and cooking guidance over the years gave her incentive to preserve these favorite recipes. Together with other brothers and cousins, she collected and recorded her grandmother’s recipes and made the book become a precious treasure handed down for any children growing up under Nonnie’s influence.

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Italian Church cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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