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10 Authentic Austrian Cookbooks To Get The Most Delicious Recipes From The Homeland Of Mozart And Strauss

Austria is a corner of Europe that is easily overlooked by tourists, and they tend to go to magnificent neighboring Germany instead. Travelers often know Australia for its classical music and sweeping landscapes, but it also has impressive gastronomy.

Neighboring countries also influence Austrian cuisine; however, they have adopted specialties and made them their own. In this post, we will share 10 best Austrian cookbooks so that you can experience the unique flavors of typical Austrian dishes from the culinary experts at home.

Austrian Cookbook: Tastes of Vienna and much more

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“I love the book information and selection of recipes, easy to understand”- Amazon Customer

The culinary characteristic of Austria is a real melting pot of flavor. The combination of German, Italian, Czech, and Turkish culture creates this magnificent cuisine. In this book, you will be passed on recipes for typical Austrian dishes that help you prepare the authentic meals.

About the author: Lukas Prochazka was born in a small town in Central Europe. He is a European chef, an expert in ethnic cuisines, and author of European cookbooks. In 2012, his first cookbook was sold internationally, and since then, numerous regional culinary books based on his experience has been encountered.

The Original Blue Danube Cookbook: Fine Recipes of the Old Austrian Empire

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“If you own this book, use it or keep it… it is still a great source. Cook something good and different for your family with this one.”- Maritsa

On the author’s 80th birthday, her son – a professional editor, takes notes on her recipes. He then transcribed, translated into English, and printed them separately into books to surprise her as she watched her own records. The book’s copies not only become gift to those who have always requested recipes from her but also become a bestseller.

The book contains favorites of famous Vienna cuisine, and the best dishes customarily served in Vienna but originating from other countries like Hungary and Bohemia. You will not find any recipes copied from other books, because they all are her own and highly personal slant highly personal.

About the author: Margarethe. KUhnel is a superb cook of the ancient Austrian Empire. The author lived to the age of 90, but her authentic Austrian recipes are still happily kept in labor-of-love first privately printed accounts.

All Along the Danube: Recipes from Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria (Hippocrene International Cookbooks)

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“This wonderful recipe book takes you on a trip alongside the flow of the Danube to all the countries that touch its shore. As enjoyable as is the history, it is a rare source of delicious authentic dishes you will want to make your own.”- D

For gourmets or even novices, this unique cookbook offers a wide range of delicious dishes from the Danube River’s shores to delight you. The recipes in this book bring Old World flavors directly into your today’s kitchen with favorites such as

  • Weiner Schnitzel
  • House Knedliky (Dumplings)
  • Hungary Goulash
  • Sophya Shrimp
  • Mititei (Romanian Sausage)

In addition, an indispensable highlight of the book is the photographs. These beautiful photos help complete the dishes and stimulate your kitchen cravings.

About the author: The “All Along the Danube” cookbook is written and perfected by Marina Polvay, who has a lot of experience in ingredients selection, processing, and cooking. You can refer to some other books of the author:

  • The Dracula Cookbook by Marina Polvay
  • Cucina Magra, Cucina Sana
  • The energy saver’s cookbook (The Creative cooking series)

Classic German Cookbook: 70 traditional recipes from Germany, Austria, Hungary and Czechoslovakia

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“If you are looking to cook traditional German food, this is the cookbook for you. Great recipes, great food.”- shedpress

If you are looking for a book containing full of nutritious and hearty recipes with a wide variety of flavors, this inspirational and informative cookbook will fulfill your needs. Even if you are a beginner to traditional German and Central European cooking, you will be satisfied with the recipes. The author also introduces surprising and impressive new methods for those who have already enjoyed the richness of this classic cuisine.

About the author: Lesley Chamberlain is the author of this book and also has various types of books with titles such as:

  • Ministry of Darkness: How Sergei Uvarov Created Conservative Modern Russia
  • The Futurist Cookbook
  • Polish & Russian: The Classic Cookbook: 70 Traditional Dishes Shown Step By Step In 250 Photographs
  • Killing the Second Dog
  • 70 Classic Recipes From Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia & Slovenia: Delicious, Authentic, Traditional Dishes From An Undiscovered Cuisine, Shown In 270 Photographs

Austria’s traditional cookbook

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“This is an amazing book! It has so many dishes, and they are authentic” – Amazon Customer

This e-book introduces more than 40 of Austria’s most beloved traditional recipes, reinterpreted more lightly and easily to understand.

The author has taken inspiration from many cultures of the Habsburger empire. Today, Austrian cuisine is famous for classic dishes such as Wiener Schnitzel and Sachertorte. But there are not so renowned recipes such as many ‘Mehlspeisen’, different kinds of dumplings, or classic soups and stews.

About the author: Catrin Neumayer is the author of this book and a person who has a lot of experience in the preparation of Austria’s traditional dishes. Through this book, you can collect some of the author’s unique cooking techniques.

Austrian Desserts and Pastries: Over 100 Classic Recipes

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“Excellent pastry and dessert book with all imaginable items”- Ladybug

This book presents Austrian cuisine’s finest and recreates the romantic Vienna café-patisserie with delectable variations of tortes, strudels, parfaits, cookies, and more.

You can delve into the history behind each of the most delicate scrumptious desserts, learn baking tips that will show you how to make cakes from different types of dough from scratch, as well as recipes for creams, basic sauces, and cake bases. The pastry chef comes up with his 180 irresistible recipes and is captured by Konrad Limbeck. You will find sophisticated and elaborate desserts divided into warm and cold offerings that promise to satisfy any taste.

About the author: Dietmar Fercher is the master confectioner at Kurkonditorei Oberlaa, the head patissier for the Hilton hotels in Vienna, Düsseldorf, and the hotels of the Imperial. He owns a café-patisserie over twenty years old and has won the Golden Coffeebean Award. Dietmar Fercher lives in Vienna, Austria.

Andrea Karrer was born in 1963 and is a versatile ambassador of Austrian culinary tradition. She writes newspaper columns, works with Austrian chef Christian Petz, writes tempting cookbooks, and has a weekly radio show. Andrea Karrer lives in Vienna, Austria.

Konrad Limbeck was born in 1974 in Upper Bavaria and currently lives in Vienna, Austria. From an early age, he felt attracted to culinary delights. Limbeck is a professional photographer and works for several lifestyle magazines.

Austrian Desserts: Over 400 Cakes, Pastries, Strudels, Tortes, and Candies

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“This book is comprehensive, and the pictures are so delicious. A must for any baker!”- Jessica

The cookbook shares the secrets to creating over 500 perfect Austrian desserts and photos beautifully captured by Austrian pastry master Toni Mörwald and award-winning restaurant critic Christoph Wagner.

This book contains all the recipes for dishes from the traditional Old World dishes like Linzertorte and Apfelstrudel, to modern and diet-conscious recipes. The explained recipes and instructions are easy to understand so that you can approach it at any skill level.

Specifically, you’ll also find among these delicious recipes are notes about the traditional origins of many Austrian dishes, tips and tricks, and health-conscious alternatives.

About the author: Toni Mörwald is a successful author and award-winning chef. Mörwald often shows up and participates in cooking classes in Austria, in which he offers advice, tricks, tips, and traditional pastry recipes.

East of Paris: The New Cuisines of Austria and the Danube (Ecco)

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“Book has some exciting recipes of modern takes on Austrian classics, nice pics & stories to go along with it”- Leila

This cookbook fully covers Austrian culture, lifestyle, and cuisine. Several traditional recipes and some of Austria’s most famous chefs are the basis of this book.

In this nicely illustrated cookbook, you will learn creative cooking techniques for cooking classic regional dishes with local ingredients.

About the author: David Bouley was born and raised in Connecticut. In 1999, David opened the Danube to explain his Eastern European cuisine. In February 2002, he re-established Bouley Bakery as Bouley. East of Paris is the first cookbook by David Bouley.

Melissa Clark is a New York Times food columnist and has written 32 cookbooks, including “Cook This Now” – her latest book. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and now lives with her husband and daughter here.

Austrian Cooking and Baking

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“Wonderful Austrian Cookbook with Authentic Salzberg Recipes”- Busy Bee C

The author’s family is from the suburbs of Vienna, and Gretel Beer has included many old family recipes in this cookbook as well as other recipes she discovered herself.

The book includes 171 dessert recipes and 131 recipes for everything else. Gretel Beer has collected authentic recipes for these and many others and gathered them in the right proportions. The book’s recipes are presented and explained in a simple, easy-to-follow way for success in your own home.

About the author: Gretel Beer is a cookbook writer who wants to collect and recreate the traditional and modern recipes of different countries. She owns quite a few Australian cookbooks. Here are some other cookbooks of Gretel Beer:

  • A Little Hungarian Cookbook
  • Classic Austrian Cooking (Cookery Classics)
  • Austrian Cooking (Cookery Classics)
  • The Qe2 Cook Book

The Art of Living According to Joe Beef: A Cookbook of Sorts

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“Excellent book with mouth-watering recipes that are feasible to do at home without breaking the bank or spending the entire day. I can’t wait to cook through it!”- NikoTn

The book includes over 125 recipes (nearly all photographed) for hearty dishes. Strip Loin Steak comes complete in ten variations, Kale for a Hangover offers tips for people to cook wisely, and Marjolaine will reveal tips for welding your own cake mold. You will find the most popular Joe Beef dishes such as:

  • Spaghetti Homard-Lobster
  • Foie Gras Breakfast Sandwich
  • Pork Fish Sticks
  • Pojarsky de Veau 

About the author: Frédéric Morin (right) is the co-owner and chef of Joe Beef, Liverpool House, and McKiernan Luncheonette. He studied at L’École Hôtelière des Laurentides, worked as a gardener at Toqué, and worked at Jean-Talon Market selling onions and peppers. Frédéric Morin currently lives in Montreal with his wife (and third partner in restaurants), Allison, and their two sons.

David McMillan (left) is the co-owner and chef of Joe Beef, Liverpool House, and McKiernan Luncheonette. David was born and raised in Quebec City and held court in many classic Montreal restaurants for close to 20 years. David often spends time at his cottage in Kamouraska, Quebec, with his wife – Julie and their two daughters.

Meredith Erickson (center) was one of the original members of Joe Beef’s staff and has written for numerous newspapers, magazines, and TV series. Meredith is currently collaborating on several books, so he often travels between Montreal and London.

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Austrian cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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