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10 Authentic Australian Cookbooks & Recipe Books

Famous as a multicultural country, Australian gastronomy offers a blend of many different countries around the world. Today, Australia is the world’s envy of the climate and a wide variety of products and becomes the ideal destination for food lovers. With the list of 10 Australian cookbooks on offer below, you can learn more about Australian culinary features and enrich your family’s table with authentic flavors Australia dishes.

The Great Australian Cookbook: The Ultimate Celebration of the Food We Love from 100 of Australia’s Finest Cooks, Chefs, Bakers and Local Heroes (The Great Cookbooks)

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“This book has some fantastic recipes to try at home. The best part is that they have included recipes from people of all backgrounds who have influenced Australian cuisine.”- Carlos Huerta

The author had the chance to visit home and enjoy the hearts of one hundred of Australia’s finest cooks, bakers, chefs, and local heroes through their sharing of delicious recipes. The book contains local culinary memories.

You’ll find 165 recipes, from Australian classics to contemporary cuisines that reflect fresh local produce and Australia’s ethnic diversity. Remarkably, there will be absolutely stunning original photos at the location that accompany each recipe and metric measures.

About the author: In Helen Greenwood’s four-decade career, she became Sydney Morning Herald’s first female weekly restaurant reviewer, Elle magazine’s founding culinary editor, editor of Good Living, co-editor of The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide, co-editor of Time Out Sydney’s first guide, and editor of six editions of The Foodies’ Guide to Sydney.

Balance: The Australian Wholefood Cookbook

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“It is a book of the program that was broadcast on WOWOW, but it is not in the bookstore. It will be helpful when this is the case.”- Amazon カスタマー

You will find the right balance in life through this book with over 150 simple and simply delicious recipes. The book provides all the information about eating for energy, maximum vitality, health, and vitality.

The author will provide pure seasonal foods, vibrant and full of zingily fresh flavors designed to serve and delight your friends and family.

About the author: Guy Turland is a chef who has had a background with some of the best restaurants in Sydney (Est and Bondi Icebergs) and now runs his own cafe, Depot at North Bondi and the Bondi Harvest cafe in Santa Monica.

Mark Alston is a filmmaker who worked on photography, design, and making the music video. Together, Guy Turland and Mark Alston are Bondi Harvest, work on healthy food and cooking, sunshine, and good times. Bondi Harvest has more than 74,000 YouTube cooking channel subscribers, 2.2 thousand Twitter followers, 22.5 thousand followers on Facebook, and 46.4 thousand Instagram followers.

The Best Authentic Australian Cookbook: Australian Recipes for a Fancy Meal with Family

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“Excellent book with ideas of those who want to try and experiment with different cuisines from around the world.”- Craig

This book is packed with many popular recipes that will amaze you. The author will provide methods to help you easily make the best and most loved recipes of this beautiful Australia. Every recipe is also easy to follow thanks to the step-by-step instructions that the author explained in detail.

In this book, you will find:

  • Only Authentic Australian Recipes
  • Step – by –step instructions
  • Snacks, dessert, main dishes, etc.

About the author: Angel Burns is the author of this cookbook. Here are some other impressive books that you can refer to:

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  • Welcome to the World of Best Muffins: The Ultimate Cookbook Guide with Easy and Tasty Recipes
  • The Simple Anti Inflammatory Diet: A Complete Cookbook with Healthy and Tasty Recipes
  • The Healthy World of Plant-Based Diet: The Easy Cookbook with Recipes to Revitalize Your Body
  • Hadrosaurs (Life of the Past)
  • Healthy Dog Food Cookbook for Every Owner: Dog Food Recipes to Keep Your Pet Living Longer

Australia the Beautiful Cookbook

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“This is a great book that was in great shape, so interesting and absolutely beautiful pictures.”- Melissa

You will experience a trip to discover the delicate flavors of regions with culinary specialties and surprises through this book. “Australia the Beautiful Cookbook” colorful illustrations include delicious and exotic dishes such as Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon Tartare, Skewered Tiger Prawns with Honey Lime Butter, and Guava Sorbet aiming to celebrate the variety, abundance, and individuality of the land down under.

About the author: Elise Pascoe and Cherry Ripe are the two culinary experts who to the creation of the recipes in this cookbook. “Australia the Beautiful Cookbook” is the first and only of them.

The Way Mum Made It: Treasured Family Recipes from Australian Kitchens

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“This is a good cookbook for everyone with amazing recipes”- painting

This cookbook offers a collection of dishes that are loved down generations from mother to daughter. You’ll find chapters on easy breakfasts and lunches, sweet treats for morning or afternoon tea, and simple recipes you can make with kids. Recipes can serve people not only for simple meals but also for any celebrations.

The perfect cookbook is the ideal choice for anyone who appreciates hanging out at the table with loved ones in the family to share delicious foods with minimal effort.

About the author: Over60 is an Australian viral website and Facebook community with over 420,000 members. This is the ideal online destination for people over 60 who care about entertainment, food, health, travel, beauty, finance, style, etc.

Matt Moran’s Australian Food: Coast + country

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“Brilliant book. Lots of photos which I love. And even though I don’t live in Australia, the recipes are good to follow, and the items can be found here. Matt Moran at his best?? Love him!”- Vicky C

“Matt Moran’s Australian cuisine” will bring you recipes that range from Australian country culinary traditions to the rugged coastline, which offers excellent fresh seafood. In this collection, people will find a selection of popular favorites ranging from the best slow-roasted lamb shoulder to an iconic passionfruit cheesecake. All will make everyone happy, nod their head, and smile.

About the author: Matt Moran is considered an Australian culinary icon with over 30 years of experience in the food industry. He has won numerous awards and is behind some of Australia’s most famous dining establishments (Aria, Chiswick, and North Bondi Fish, just a few).

Matt is a regular contributor to food publications worldwide and has served as a judge and presenter for many of Australia’s and international’s favorite TV shows, most recently top-rated – Great Australian Bake-off.

Great Lamb Cookbook (“Australian Women’s Weekly” Home Library)

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“Excellent Service, Excellent Product as described. Thank you”- Carolyn

“Great Lamb Cookbook (“Australian Women’s Weekly” Home Library)” has had incredible success based on three points: the dishes are quick and straightforward to make, the recipes are for today’s food, and each recipe has been triple-tested, guaranteeing that it works every time.

About the author: Australian Women’s Week, founded in 1933, has long been enjoyed by both women and men in Australia and worldwide. With over 70 years of publication, it is one of the leading women’s magazines with more than 3.2 million readers. In addition to providing cookbooks, Australian Women Weekly also shares informative articles on gardening, home activities, fashion, and parenting.

The following are two books, “Aww Great Bbq Cookbook (“Australian Women’s Weekly “Home Library)” and “Cooking Class Cookbook (Australian Women’s Weekly)” of Australian Women’s Week also mentioned in this article.

Aww Great Bbq Cookbook (“Australian Women’s Weekly” Home Library)

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“Perfect condition on delivery. Favorite edition”- Tenihe

This cookbook demonstrates great success for great outdoor parties. Besides, you will also be introduced to quick, smart recipes to inspire everyone in the kitchen. With detailed instructions through step-by-step recipes, you will be confident in your success with these delicious dishes.

Cooking Class Cookbook (Australian Women’s Weekly)

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“Wonderful pictures, easy, clear step by step directions, and a good variety of staples. Can’t beat it!”- Bella

If you’re a native Australian, you’ll find great recipes with some of the favorites you’ll often cook. The book offers a wide range of classic recipes so you can confidently create delicious authentic Australian dishes that will delight everyone.

The Australian Blue Ribbon Cookbook: Stories, recipes and secret tips from prize winning show cooks

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“This cookbook contains recipes and tips of prize-winning cooks in Country Shows. Excellent recipes in a wide variety of categories. Good stories and recollections of past times at local country agricultural show all around Australia.”- Heather Patterson

In “The Australian Blue Ribbon Cookbook,” the author shares their heartwarming stories, knowledge, wisdom, and generosity of spirit to bring success even to the novice. Whether it’s mouth-watering Sausage Rolls or Pumpkin Damper, a traditional Mixed Mustard Pickle or Madeira Cake, Jenny’s Jam Drops, or Cousin Barb’s Jelly Slice, there’s something delicious for everyone to try.

About the author: Liz Harfull is the author of “The Blue Ribbon Cookbook and Women of the Land” and an award-winning journalist and Churchill Fellow. She spent 12 years with a leading public relations business specializing in agriculture and environmental management.

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Australian cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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