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$5 Meal Plan Review – Is it Worth It?

Not sure what to think of $5 Meal Plan? I wasn’t sure either. It’s easy to find reviews online about the site but all of the posts are sponsored by Five Dollar Meal Plan. This means all of the other reviews contain referral links and the creators of the review are paid to give it a good review. This post is NOT sponsored by $5 Meal Plan!

I joined and wrote this review to help anyone that’s thinking about joining their program. If you have not heard of this business I’ll share a quick overview with you here.

What is $5 Meal Plan?

This company charges $5 per to send you weekly meal plans and shopping lists. They send an email to you every Friday with your weekly list and meals for the next week. You will download it and can print it out if you want.

Personally, I do not think this is worth it. The reason it is not worth it is simple. I want to have a choice of meals I’ll eat for the week and not a list of 5 recipes.

Pros and Cons


Easy to use

It’s so easy. It makes a shopping list for you. It adjusts your recipes for you. The site is fast and easy to navigate. 

No Thinking About Your Next Meals

They make it easy for you by telling you what meals you’ll cook.


No Choice of Recipes

The problem with $5 Meal Plan is they only send you 5 recipes per week. It would be way better if you could have access to all of the recipes instead for you to choose for yourself.

Recipes Aren’t That Great

I did not like some of the recipes I tried. I really believe they created the recipes in a rush so that they can have more recipes on the site.

$5 Dinner’s Recipes

Some of the recipes are great and they change them every week. But, there were times when I didn’t like some of the recipes and at that point, there’s nothing else to choose from. They only send you five recipes for five dinners that week. So, I made the recipe and did not like it. This is the problem I see with getting a meal plan like this every week. It’s good when you don’t want to think about what to eat but other times you are stuck with choices you don’t like. I prefer to pick out my meals.

Is It Actually Easy to Use?

Maybe. It can be simple to use but sometimes it may not be user-friendly if you’re older. If you did not grow up using technology and you get frustrated easily I would try a different program than this one.

$5 Meal Plan Price and Coupon Codes

How much is it to join?

This is right in the name! It’s $5 per month and they offer a free trial.

This is cheap enough but it is a monthly recurring payment. I HATE recurring payments. I don’t know about you but I always forget to cancel things like this. Sign up for the free trial and find out over a year later you’ve paid over $100 for it.

The Verdict for $5 Dollar Dinners

It could be great if you if you’re open to eating what they send you each week. It’s not for me but if you like that, it would be perfect. I like another meal prep site called FreezerFit a lot better. You can read the review for FreezerFit here or you can sign up to watch FreezerFit’s free cooking class. Overall, $5 Dinners is okay but I don’t like the style of the membership and the recurring charge.

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